JQL Booster Pack 2.1 Release Notes

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Sweet Bananas team is really glad to announce that JQL Booster Pack v2.1.0-RELEASE has been shipped and can be downloaded at Atlassian Marketplace.


Please, before installing this new version, double-check if you have installed any Jira third-party app on your system that already provides JQL functions metioned below.
If so, refers to JQL function clashes with Script Runner and other Jira apps document to learn how to avoid conflics with any existing Jira apps.


Search for issue linked to remote content

Linking Jira to other Atlassian applications allows you to include information from these systems in Jira projects and issues. For example, if you link Jira to Confluence, you can include pointers to wiki pages when creating or editing issues.
Remote Issue Links offers a simple but powerful way to have a relation between different Atlassian tools and external sites or tools, as well If you have an object in a different application that relates to a JIRA ticket, you can link that object to the JIRA issue using Remote Issue Links. That feature seems to be pretty useful, doesn't it? The problem comes when you need to query this kind of links somehow…

In early releases we have boosted the way you can search for standard links between issues, now we want to go further and also allow users to query remote content (this also include remote Jira issues 🤟) with ease.

Please have a look to the following JQL functions introduced within this release:

Searches for issues linked to remote content. That is, issues linked to web pages, Confluence pages, remote issues or any other custom remote link type that you have set up.

Searches for issues with / without remote links, additionally you can further refine your query by using a number expression to limit the search to a fixed nº of links.


Resolved issues

v2.1.1-RELEASE – March 01, 2020

  • [ENHANCEMENT] Function hasRemoteLinks() doesn't allow users to query the amount of an specific remote link RESOLVED

  • [FEATURE] Create hasLinks() function to query issue links in the same way hasRemoteLinks() does with remote links RESOLVED


Does all this seems interesting to you? Don't hesitate to give us your feedback.
If you have any comments or suggestions, please feel free to send them directly to us.

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