JQL Booster Pack 1.0 Release Notes

December 12, 2017

The Sweet Bananas team is delighted to present the first public version of JQL Booster Pack.

We are focus on improving the process of searching to help you to create more sophisticated queries. For that reason we have developed some brand new JQL functions making your experience with JIRA better.

In this release of JQL Booster Pack, we've worked on a lot of varied areas to make sure we cover the main necessities of all Jira users, even so, there will be lots of powerfull JQL functions that you still need and that are not provided yet. If you have any comments or suggestions, please feel free to send them directly to us, your feedback is really important for us.

Better searching using wildcards

As you already know, you can use the ' ~ ' operator to find all issues that have a particular string within it's summary or description field. You are not able to use this operator for the majority of fields. That's pretty sad but we have implemented some functions to solve this problem. Now you can find projects, project categories, components, versions and groups using regular expressions.

Overall picture of your recent activity

Dynamic functions are really handy when you want to create global filters that display information related to the user that is seeing the filter. We have contribute to enhace this kind of functions developing two new functions regarding the recent activity of users. One of then, called recentIssues(), is similar to the native issueHistory() JQL function but with this function you can also limite the number of issues that you want to display, the other one called recentProjects(), works in the same way but it returns recently viewed projects instead. This is really useful if you want to create a dynamic dashboard of your current project.

Get rid of archived versions

Jira is a powerfull issue tracking and software teams can use lot of native functions to create awesome queries. However, most of these native functions return also versions that are archived for that reason we have include two new functions to help you to get rid of archived versions once and for all.

Greater team control

As a team leader you probably want to track the well-being of the team, in this first version, we have introduced some brand new user related functions to help you to create awesome queries. Now, you can retrieve component or project leads, users that belong to a specific group or even display issues created after the last login of a desired user.

All this seems interesting to you? Here is the full list of new functions implemented in this version:

Issue JQL Functions

Date JQL Functions

Group JQL Functions

User JQL Functions

Project Category JQL Functions

Project JQL Functions

Version JQL Functions

Component JQL Functions

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