JQL Booster Pack 2.3 Release Notes

Hey! How is it going? Do you miss us?? 🍌🍌

Sweet Bananas team is really glad to announce that JQL Booster Pack v2.3.1-RELEASE has been shipped and can be downloaded at Atlassian Marketplace.


Please, before installing this new version, double-check if you have installed any Jira third-party app on your system that already provides JQL functions metioned below.
If so, refers to JQL function clashes with Script Runner and other Jira apps document to learn how to avoid conflics with any existing Jira apps.


Search for active users only

Hey! Since our first version we added https://sweetbananas.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/JBP/pages/426131 function to allow people to get rid of old users not being in the company anymore. However, this function does not allow you to discard those using issues only having inactive users on custom fields of type multiple user picker. Since there is no way using IN operator to negate the expression as you can read on 'Equivalent of "activeUsers()" in JQL?' Atlassian Community entry.

We have implemented the https://sweetbananas.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/JBP/pages/1686568961 function that can be using together the function above to further filter your results. An example:

Find issues in which their 'Managers' field (múltiple user picker) are assigned to inactive users only:

Managers IN inactiveUsers() AND Managers NOT IN activeUsers()


Resolved issues

v2.3.2-RELEASE – April 17, 2022


Does all this seems interesting to you? Don't hesitate to give us your feedback.
If you have any comments or suggestions, please feel free to send them directly to us.

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Sweet Bananas Team