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Sweet Bananas team is really glad to announce that JQL Booster Pack v2.0.0-RELEASE has been shipped and can be downloaded at Atlassian Marketplace.


Please, before installing this new version, double-check if you have installed any Jira third-party app on your system that already provides JQL functions metioned below.
If so, refers to JQL function clashes with Script Runner and other Jira apps document to learn how to avoid conflics with any existing Jira apps.


JQL Booster Pack becomes a commercial app

Over the last few years, Sweet Bananas has invested heavily in JQL Booster Pack to improve and expand JIRA reporting & search capabilities. After careful consideration the team has decided to commercialise this app for Server / Data Center customers, starting with v2.0.0-RELEASE. Commercialization wil allow us to make continued investments in this and other areas, and ensure users get the most out of our applications.


25% OFF until the End of the Year!
In case you have not upgraded your application to the lastest version yet, you can apply our promo code W8AJUW (server) / 3VTVQK (data center) and receive a 25% discount.
(*) Promotional code will valid be until end of 2019 year.

If you’d rather stick to a version prior to JQL Booster Pack v2.0.0-RELEASE, you can keep using this application FREE of charge, as usual.


JQL Booster Pack 2.0 release introduces once and again new improvements and features to further refine your search experience, this time we’ve added FIVE new JQL functions. See what is new for this release:

Query Issues that have been moved

Sometimes, an issue may belong to a different project, and you may want to move this issue to another project. Jira allows you to specify another project in your Jira instance to move your selected issue to using the Move Issue feature. As there may be significant differences in the configuration of your original project and target project, the Move Issue wizard also allows you to change certain attributes of the issue on the fly. That’s awesome isn’t it? The problem comes when you need to query this kind of action somehow…

To allow people to track this kind of action and report them, we have added the movedIssues() function within this new JQL Booster Pack version. You can now, easily track issues that has been moved and additionally further refine your query by specifying the destination or/and source project to looking for.


Search Issues with / without Comments & Subtasks

Sadly, there is no way on Jira to use the ‘IS EMPTY’ / 'NOT IS EMPTY' clausure to search for issues with / without comments or subtasks, although it is something very requested by users.
We have decided then to include within this new release the hasSubtasks() and hasComments() functions to help you in this kind of situations. You can for now easily search for issues with / without comments or subtasks using these brand new functions.

Here you have some basic usage examples:

Find issues without subtasks

Find issues with subtasks

Find issues without comments

Find issues with comments

issue NOT IN hasSubtasks()

issue IN hasSubtasks()

issue NOT IN hasComments()

issue IN hasComments()


Current Relations Search Capabilities now supports Portfolio

Within the last JQL Booster Pack releases, we had introduced the possibility to query some relationships between issues, (e.g: Parent ⟷ Subtask, or Epic ⟷ Story) but we wanted to take this feature to the next level.
Now we are quite happy to announce the inclusion of two new JQL functions related to this feature, portfolioChildOf() and portfolioParentOf() to allow you to query special issue relations beloging to Portfolio for Jira application.

This new set of functions will only be available if Porfolio for Jira is present in your Jira instance.



Does all this seems interesting to you? Don't hesitate to give us your feedback.
If you have any comments or suggestions, please feel free to send them directly to us.

Best Wishes,
Sweet Bananas Team