JQL Booster Pack 2.2 Release Notes

Hey! Hope all of you are safe at home.
We still working hard as usual even in those difficult days to bring new features to your Jira instance.

Sweet Bananas team is really glad to announce that JQL Booster Pack v2.2.0-RELEASE has been shipped and can be downloaded at Atlassian Marketplace.


Please, before installing this new version, double-check if you have installed any Jira third-party app on your system that already provides JQL functions mentioned below.
If so, refers to JQL function clashes with Script Runner and other Jira apps document to learn how to avoid conflicts with any existing Jira apps.


Query Issues in which their type have been changed

Sometimes, an issue may be created as a Bug but in fact is it a New Feature Request type, and you may want to change this issue to the correct type. Jira allows you to directly change the issue type under some cirtustances, and also you can perform this action by using the Move Issue feature, as well. As there may be significant differences in the configuration of your original type and target type, the Move Issue wizard also allows you to change certain attributes of the issue on the fly. That’s awesome isn’t it? The problem comes when you need to query this kind of action somehow…

To allow people to track this kind of action and report them, we have added the issueTypedChanged() function within this new JQL Booster Pack version. You can now, easily track issues that has been changed from one type to another and additionally further refine your query by specifying the destination or/and source type to looking for.

Search Issues having a concrete number of attachment

Sadly, there is no way on Jira to search something like ‘attachments > 3' to search for issues having more than three attachments, although it is something that you may need in some occasions.
We have decided then to include within this new release the hasAttachments() function to help you in this kind of situations.


Does all this seems interesting to you? Don't hesitate to give us your feedback.
If you have any comments or suggestions, please feel free to send them directly to us.

Best Wishes,
Sweet Bananas Team