Searches for issues linked to remote content. That is, issues linked to web pages, Confluence pages, or any other custom remote link type that you have set up.
See also: hasRemoteLinks()


remoteLinkedIssuesOf(remoteLinkProperty, searchTerm)

Where 'remoteLinkProperty' can be any of the following properties:
'title', 'url', 'application' and 'relationship'
If omitted this function will try to match remote links against 'title' and 'url' properties

Where 'searchTerm' is a string representation of the given property value.
When used alone or in conjuntion with either 'title' or 'url' properties, some wildcard are allowed:
* - Matches zero or more characters
? - Matches exactly one character

Available sincev2.1.0-RELEASE
Supported fieldsIssue
Supported operatorsIN , NOT IN
Unsupported operators

= , != , ~ , !~ , > , >= , < , <=



• Find all issues linked to a linked Confluence instance:

issue IN remoteLinkedIssuesOf("application", "confluence")

• Find all issues with a remote link to any Atlassian app (Confluence, JIRA, Bamboo, Bitbucket, ...):

issue IN remoteLinkedIssuesOf("application", "atlassian")

• Find issues linked to a specific Confluence page:

issue IN remoteLinkedIssuesOf("url", "*pageId=1176162")

issue IN remoteLinkedIssuesOf("*pageId=1176162")
• Find issues linked to a specific site / host:
issue IN remoteLinkedIssuesOf("url", "**")

issue IN remoteLinkedIssuesOf("**")

• Find issues linked to a specific URL:

issue IN remoteLinkedIssuesOf("url", "")

issue IN remoteLinkedIssuesOf("")

• Find issues containing 'Support' word on theirs remote link titles:

issue IN remoteLinkedIssuesOf("title", "*Support*") 

issue IN remoteLinkedIssuesOf("*Support*")

• Find issues remotely linked using a given 'relationship' property:

issue IN remoteLinkedIssuesOf("relationship", "Wiki Page") 

issue IN remoteLinkedIssuesOf("relationship", "mentioned in") 

issue IN remoteLinkedIssuesOf("relationship", "Created from build") 

issue IN remoteLinkedIssuesOf("relationship", "caused by")

(warning) Usage Warning:

While using this function, the following needs to be taken into consideration:

  • For Confluence pages the title property is stored as either 'Wiki Page' or simply 'Page' - so you can’t search on the current Confluence page title.
  • For Confluence pages the URL always follows this structure {baseURL}/pages/viewpage.action?pageId={number} - so you can’t search on the Confluence user-friendly url. You can get the pageId by clicking Edit and copying it out of Confluence. Alternatively just click through on the remote link from the JIRA issue.

  • Editing an existing Application Link's baseURL or displayURL does not update the data stored in the database for already existing links - you need to keep using the old baseURL while querying complete urls to linked applications.

Real World Use Cases:

· JRASERVER-28064 - The ability to query remote link data via JQL (by Michael Andreacchio)
Using JQL to search for remote issue links (by Mark Terrel at ATLASSIAN Community)
Search issues which have remote links - how to? (by TamasS at ATLASSIAN Community)

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