DataCenter Support Escalation

(e.g. server maintenances, approaching deadlines, etc.)

Also available for Confluence


Escalation Process

Indeed, most of the work done by announcement banner is carried out on the client-side once the page is loaded. Only few data is retrieve on the server from the data base, that allow large organizations to use our complement without any performance impact. This data is equal across all instance users, so the number of users and the size of the Confluence instance doesn't matter since the managed data of this application will remain the same.

Application Owner

This appliation has been developed by Jack Nolddor under Sweet Bananas vendor.
You will find any contact details required in their Atlassian profile.

Contact Support

Nowadays, customers can reach us out by email. This email ( ) is widely used to resolve any incidents or clarify doubts our customers can have with this our Confluence app.
In case any customer or even Atlassian team, will need to raise escalation issues, this email address will be our point of contact.

Service-Level Agreement (SLA)

Currently, we have not an SLA with any of our customers.
However, we are comfortable enough to improve our customer support by defining a public SLA if were needed to overcome this Data Center assesment.