Getting Started

Welcome to the Announcement Banner for Confluence getting started page!

We know you want to setup our Confluence app as quickly as possible, so we have designed our getting started page to take you through the basic concepts and tasks you'll need to know before using Announcement Banner for Confluence.

So what is Announcement Banner for Confluence?

Announcement Banner for Confluence is a Confluence app that allows you to set a system-wide message that will display at the top of all Confluence pages. This is really useful if you want to display pertinent information (e.g. server maintenances, approaching deadlines, etc.) and ensure that everybody is well-informed.

Main Features

  • Support HTML, CSS and JavaScript
  • Three different visibility levels
  • Easy-to-use configuration screen

What is planned for next releases?

  • Multi-language support
  • Scheduled announcements
  • Predefined announcement templates

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