Setting Up an Announcement

Administrators can configure an Announcement Banner to display pertinent information on all Confluence pages. This banner can be used to relate important information (e.g. scheduled server maintenance, approaching project deadlines, etc.) to all users.

The banner can be configured to contain plain text or HTML code, and can be also enhance using CSS or JavaScript. Remember that the configured announcement banner will be displayed in all pages of your Confluence instance, so please be careful and ensure that your HTML, CSS and JavaScript syntax are valid before to save the form.

To add CSS or JavaScript code in Announcement Banner for Confluence you must enclose your code with the proper HTML tag.
Here you go an example:

<script> your javascript code goes here... </script>
CSS Styles
<style> your css code goes here... </style>

Configuring an Announcement Banner

For all of the following procedures, you must be logged in as a user with the Confluence Administrator global permission.

  1. Log into your Confluence instance as an admin.

  2. Click the admin dropdown and choose Add-ons.

    The 'Manage add-ons' screen loads.

  3. Locate Announcement Banner for Confluence via search.

    If you cannot find it, check out our 'Installation Guide' first.

  4. Click over Announcement Banner for Confluence to expand this item.

  5. Finally, press the 'Configure' button

    The 'Edit Announcement Banner' screen loads.

  6. Enter the desired content in the Announcement field.

     Don't want to start from scratch? Use this code snippet
    Announcement Banner Sample
    <div id="banner-msg">
        <h3>Scheduled Server Maintenance</h3>
            We will be performing important server maintenance at <b>Monday, Dec 24th, 2040 - 10:00 PM</b>, during which time Confluence server will be unavailable. 
            Please <b>save your work</b> and hold off on any critical actions until we are finished.
        #announcement-banner { border-bottom: 2px solid #FFAB00; background-color: #F7F8DD; }
        #announcement-banner * { color: #6E4A0A; }
        #banner-msg { padding: 0 20px !important; }
  7. Select the desired Visibility Level for the banner.

    Check out the 'Banner Visibility Mode' section below to learn more about how each visibility behave.

  8. Set up any additional behavior within the 'Advanced Options' section if needed

    Learn more about each option in the 'Available Advanced Options' section at the end of this page.

  9. Click the 'Set Banner' button.

    Depending on the visibility level selected, the banner will become visible throughout Confluence.

Additionally, before to submit your new announcement, you can preview how it will look like by clicking the 'Preview' button. This will temporarily replace the previous announcement in the current page if any was configured. However, no changes will be performed outside this page, that is, users still seeing the previous announcement banner in their browser until you decide to save it by pressing the 'Set Banner' button.

Banner Visibility Mode

The announcement banner visibility level can be configured to specify to whom the banner will be displayed. There are four modes:

  1. Public — Banner will be visible to everyone.

  2. Private — Banner will be visible to logged-in users only.

  3. External — Banner will be visible to anonymous (that is non-logged in) users only.
  4. Disable — Banner won't be displayed.

Schedule your announcement

On the announcement set up screen, you will see a 'Scheduling' section that allows you to ahead plan your announcement for the future or to display an announcement straightforward.

Using the start date allows you to set when an announcement should begin showing to users, while using the end date allows you to set when an announcement should stop being shown to users. Both date fields are optional. This allows you to create announcements that start on a specific date, but are open ended, or to create announcements that start right away, but end on a specific date.

Note: Both dates are stored using the Confluence server offset. You can determine the actual date for your system by navigating to the System Information page.

Available Advanced Options

The announcement banner behavior can be polish even more by configuring the 'Advanced Options' section.
Available options you can set up are:

  • Printable – If checked, announcement banner will be visible when you print any page using your browser. That is, when you use the 'File → Print' browser menu or 'Ctrl+P' keyboard shorcut.

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